All For The Money.

An insight on a unique mind, that is very persistent on saving the lives of panda bears, and bringing a smile to everybody's face:)


Hmmm, so what would I like to address in this anger filled post?

For 1. People that like to just use me for their own personal benefit and just texts me for me to cheer them up and hear sweet things… You’re no longer needed. In fact, you never were needed, so goodbye

2. Being girl crazy or boy crazy

I hate people that assume things I write on social sites are about them and then they get hateful and ruin perfectly good relationships and friendships for no reason. Just ask me if you have a question or doubt. #jeez

Letting Go

I was so angry hearing the news. But hate just hurts. I’m not going to purposely hurt myself especially when I know I’m completely over everything, every past relationship (this is including my real mother and intimate relationships and bad friendships) I’m a lot strong due to hurt, so I shouldn’t be upset about it. I have a great life, a great family, great friends, I’m doing well in school, I’ve managed to get one of the most amazing girls. No. No wait. THE most amazing girl in the world interested in me, and Im happy. I’m a lot happier. So here’s to me embracing life and letting go of nonsense. I love you, all of you. Every single person that reads this.

Sometimes forever doesn’t last forever. And strangely… Life goes on even after forever has ended.

The things I do for friends. I always put them first, them before me. I’d much rather be in trouble than them but good Lord. Sometimes being happy, would be nice. Sacrificing what little hope I had just to save their endearing friendship. Buh.

That’s the thing about lessons, you always learn them when you don’t expect them or want them.

—Cecelia Ahern, If You Could See Me Now (via simply-quotes)

Ugh. So true.

Smiling :)


Who cares if you’re upset. Its only temporary, take comfort in knowing that somebody, somewhere loves you. Whether you know it or not, it’s true. Take comfort in knowing you’re alive, take comfort in knowing the leaves are changing colors and the wind changes direction. You can’t just let something temporarily ruin your life. It’s hard to keep a point of view where you look forward to new things in the horizon, especially when you don’t see them. But as long as you wake up the next morning, there’s new adventures to be had. Don’t let somebody else
hold you down. Don’t let somebody else make you feel bad, or treat you like dirt. Keep doing you, and eventually they’ll prove they are fake and fade away, or prove they’re real and quit.

I have a great roommate, a great best friend, I go to a good school, and I’m alive. I have a good family, and some awesome pets. And if I wake up in the morning, there’ll be new adventures to be had. So Im going to smile :)

It seems that I’m everybody’s last resort. Like everybody is fine and dandy doing their own thing, until something goes wrong, they have a bad day, and they realize how other people treat them like  crap, so they wanna come talk to me, and want me to help fix everything.

In case you don’t notice that I notice it… I do, fyi.

So when you wanna just put me on the back burner and expect me to wait around until its convenient and I fit into your life… Just don’t even bother because I don’t wanna be in your life.